Enjoying good drinks and spending time with friends naturally go hand in hand.  We want to use the brewery as a space to provide a relaxed environment where neighbors can gather to socialize and enjoy a shared community.   In addition to getting good drinks, the brewery can be a great place to go and just “hang out”.

Our vision is to offer an ever changing selection of beer styles and flavors to ensure that new options are always available for the customers.


4/2/19 - I suppose its about time that we start filling in everybody what’s going on with the brewery. We’ve been working hard for a few months now on getting our build-out started. New colors everywhere and trying to work on ideas to change a garage into a cool place to hang out. One other important thing, we have plenty of stainless sitting ready to create some great brews. We’re pretty close to getting our building permits to get into the real work hooking up plumbing and electric to all this gear.

5/4/19 - After some early struggles and with the help of a crack team of design professionals we finally have our building permit. Now the real work begins. Floor has been dug up to lay down our drain lines. We’ve ordered a bunch of equipment to get the electric in place. Slowly but surely we are making headway.

5/9/19 - Today we are kicking off our first real engagement with you, our supporters. We are opening up membership to Friends of Artifact where everyone has a chance to be part of the startup and also get some great perks. See the Friends of Artifact page for more details.

7/5/19 - Sorry for the delay in updates. We are continuing to churn through all the work that needs to be done to get this place up and running. Some delays due to electrical issues but we are still moving ahead at full speed. We created a new page to view images of the renovations.

8/11/19 - Great seeing everyone at the car show the other weekend. It was so awesome to talk to everyone and get to show where we are at with the renovations. Things continue to proceed according to over ever changing plan. We are getting ready to start brewing and wrapping up the last few items in our build out. Keep following on Instagram for the latest pics. Hope to see you all soon in the taproom.

8/17/19 - We have officially closed enrollment in the Friends of Artifact. We can’t say thank you enough to all the people who joined. You all were so important in making this thing a reality. We look forward to seeing everyone in person shortly!



2 S. York Rd
Hatboro, PA 19040



Not yet open for business.

Plan to open September 2019.